Bradda Head Holdings Limited (“Bradda Head”) is a lithium exploration Group focused on developing its high quality projects in the USA. Through its subsidiaries, the Group holds a 100% stake in lithium brine, pegmatite and clay projects located in strategic positions in a world class lithium belt in the USA.

Company’s history

  • The Company was initially formed to engage in the exploration, development, mining and processing of minerals, petroleum and other mineral oils. On 13 December 2010, the Company completed a listing on London-AIM, raising US$63m.
  • At a General Meeting held on the 5 October 2015 a resolution was passed to dispose of the Company’s remaining mining interests and to change its name to Life Science Developments Limited. The Company subsequently adopted a new investment policy that involved seeking to invest in or acquire companies within the biotechnology, life sciences and related sectors.
  • In order to maintain the listing, the Company was required to complete an acquisition by means of a reverse takeover by 7 April 2017.  No such acquisition was completed, and the Company’s shares were cancelled from trading on AIM on 7 April 2017.

On 2 March 2017, Bradda Head Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary) entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Zenith Minerals Limited (“Zenith”), an exploration company listed in Australia (ASX:ZNC). Following an update to the Joint Venture Agreement during February 2018, Bradda Head Limited had an effective 55% interest in the lithium projects.

During January 2018, Bradda Head Limited executed a share purchase agreement with Life Science Developments Limited (“LIFE”), a previously AIM listed company. As part of the transaction, Bradda Head Limited shareholders sold 100% of their interest in Bradda Head Limited, in return for a combined 90% interest in LIFE. Following the transaction, LIFE changed its name to Bradda Head Holdings Limited.

During February 2021, Bradda Head restructured its agreement with Zenith, such that the Joint Venture Agreement was terminated, and in return Zenith was issued with a mixture of cash and shares in Bradda Head. Following this, Bradda Head holds 100% control in all the lithium projects.