Share Information

As of 19 July 2021, Bradda Head Holdings Limited had 293,062,035 ordinary shares in issue. Shares in issue but not in public hands: 48.5%

Shareholder Number of shares held Percentage of issued share capital
James Mellon* 64,145,176 21.9%
Zenith Minerals Limited 43,959,305 15.0%
Jason Macdonald** 14,095,706 4.8%
Anthony Baillieu 14,365,996 4.9%
IG Market Ltd*** Nil 9.5%

* Including Shares held by Galloway Limited, a company that is directly owned by Mr Mellon. ** Held by Bramlea Pty Ltd as trustee for the J & E Macdonald Trust, a trust of which Jason  Macdonald is the ultimate beneficiary. *** 23,287,966 shares, being 7.9 per cent. of the shares on Admission, held by IG Markets Ltd’s are  held on behalf of Mr. Liam Hale.