Share Information

As of 20 April 2022, Bradda Head Lithium Limited had 390,609,439 ordinary shares in issue. Shares in issue but not in public hands: 41.75%

Shareholder Number of shares held Percentage of issued share capital
James Mellon*                                                                   64,979,404 16.64%
Waratah Capital Advisors Ltd ****                                                                   47,881,475 12.26%
Zenith Minerals Limited                                                                   43,959,305 11.25%
RBC Trust Company (International) Limited***                                                                   19,175,000 4.91%
Anthony Baillieu                                                                   14,365,996 3.68%
Jason Macdonald**                                                                   14,095,706 3.61%
Raj Chawla                                                                   12,524,000 3.21%

* Including Shares held by Galloway Limited, a company that is directly owned by Mr Mellon.

** Held by Breamlea Pty Ltd as trustee for the J & E Macdonald Trust, a trust of which Jason  Macdonald is the ultimate beneficiary.

*** The shares are held through a Trust entity connected to the Nigel Wray Family.

**** 19,481,475 shares are held by the Lithium Royalty Corporation (“LRC”). A further 28,400,000 shares are held by the Electrification and Decarbonization AIE LP (“EDLP”). Waratah Capital Advisors Ltd is the General Partner for both LRC and EDLP.