The Wikieup project is located half way between Phoenix and Las Vegas, in the Mohave County or Arizona, and is 18km and 22km north north-west of BW and BE respectively.

The project area is covered by a total of 120 federal placer mining claims and 225 lode claims, covering a total area of 27.87km2.

Project Highlights

During October 2018, six grab samples were collected by WIM. This was followed in December 2018 by a program of surface outcrop sampling and geological mapping. A total of 156 samples were collected. Samples averaged lithium grades of 642.2 ppm Li from all samples collected, and 814 ppm Li from favourable geological units. The highest sample recorded was 1,750 ppm Li. The average potassium grades from these samples is 3.9%, being slightly higher than that at BCE.

Next Steps

A two-phase approach will be followed:

Phase 1

Following granting of the required drilling permits, a 30-hole drilling program is planned to test areas in which surface lithium-bearing clays were identified. Splits of the cores drilled will be collected and used to conduct metallurgical testing.

Phase 2

Based on the drill results, a metallurgical study will be completed, which will lead to the development of a maiden Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate. Additional drilling and metallurgical studies will be performed to develop both a measured and indicated MRE.