San Domingo is a lithium pegmatite project located in the Maricopa and Yavapai counties, Arizona. Access to the project location is via a dirt road and a one hour drive from Wickenberg, being the nearest town that can source basic explorations supplies.

The project consists of 68 BLM placer claims, which are 100% held by Zenolith, covering a total area of 13.5km2.

Initial mapping identified 10 lithium bearing pegmatite dikes, with dimensions of up to 60m in width and 600m in length. The lithium minerals are concentrated in the inner parts of the pegmatite bodies, and may well be present in many of the apparently lithium-free bodies whose outer parts are the only ones exposed

San Domingo
Project Highlights
  • Mapping has identified that the North Morning Star and Midnight Owl pegmatites contain lithium bearing minerals at surface level
  • Rock chip sampling results returned up to 5m @ 1.97% Li2O and 3m @ 1.44% Li2O
  • High grade lithium from dikes over two new sampling zones:
    • Select grab sample returned a high grade of 8.0% Li2O
    • Selective rock-chip sampling returned a very high grade of 5.8% Li2O
    • Systematic composite rock chip sampling returned grades of 2.9m @ 0.86 Li2O, 2.8m @ 0.69% Li2O, 3m @ 0.71% Li2O and 3m @ 0.56% Li2O
  • Further 3 pegmatite dikes are known to occur partly within small claims that are excised from Zenolith’s claims
  • A BLM Notice of Intent has been completed and submitted for exploration activities, together with the required bond for the SW San Domingo pegmatite
Next Steps

A two phase approach will be followed:

Phase 1

Additional surface mapping and sampling, drillhole targeting using 3-D modelling and follow up drilling and metallurgical sampling will be undertaken. Two of the ten permitted drill-holes are included in this phase. Based on the results of the 3-D modelling, the Notice of Intent Permit with the BLM may be modified so that the drilling can better assess the pegmatite targets.