Wikieup project
Mohave County of Arizona

The Wikieup project is located half-way between Phoenix and Las Vegas, in the Mohave County of Arizona, and is 18km and 22km north north-west of Basin West and Basin East respectively. The project area covers a total area of 23.9km2.

Project highlights

During October 2018, six grab samples were collected by Worldwide Industrial Minerals. This was followed in December 2018 by a program of surface outcrop sampling and geological mapping. A total of 156 samples were collected. Samples averaged lithium grades of 642.2 ppm Li from all samples collected, and 814 ppm Li from favourable geological units. The highest sample recorded was 1,750 ppm Li. The average potassium grades from these samples is 3.9%, being slightly higher than that at BCE.

Exploration drilling at Wikieup commenced in December 2021 following the Company obtaining full drilling permits from the US Bureau of Land Management. The permission received refers to 9.8km2 of Bradda Head’s Wikieup project (total 23.9km2) covering Sections 12, 13 and Wikieup NW exploration targets which represent the main area of focus for the Company.

Drilling was conducted using sonic drilling, which is more environmentally sensitive due to the use of very little water compared to diamond core drilling or R/C. The results from this programme at being further analysed for a follow-up drill programme.

Bradda Head released promising initial results from its 2021 geophysics programme at Wikieup, showing clay thicknesses of up to 90 metres, comparable to Arizona Lithium’s Big Sandy deposit (1,850 ppm Lithium grade), which is adjacent to Bradda Head’s Wikieup claims.

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